DJ DON-8 - Choco Sauce [CD]


【Choco Sauce】mix by DJ DON-8(CD) DJ DON-8 NEW MIX!!!! エロくてスモーキーなmixになってます! CD Only Shout / andy toy store Special Thanx!!! Silent Killa Joint, DRAGON P of YDB, KZYBOOST, adnym, AXUMI, Choco Sauce Mixed by DON-8 01.Purple Hayes - ADD RHYME & MIX - A.R.M. 02.Like Me - Steve Lacy feat.Daisy** 03.All Good - illa J 04.Weekend Thang - Alfonzo Hunter 05.Chocolate remix inst - Y_N Vee 06.Chocolate - Y_N Vee 07.People in middle inst - Spearhead 08.Share the Love - Blu & Damu feat. Raw Poetic 09.Sex for the sport - Channel Live 10.Sage + Palo Santo - Smoke DZA feat. Chelsie Denise 11.Smoke N Me - Smoke DZA feat. Addy Jasmine 12.Nic's Groove - The Fore