DOPEMAN / Initial『D』


Mix Tape Mix By DJAsami
Initial『D』06.01 Xn daaa Street

2.貧乏 (D rose Remix)
3.Best (Next Remix)
4.All Player Fuck (Lies Yxu Tell Remix)
5.ドペ (Back Remix)
6.カヲル (Free Style)
7.Fly Day Knight (Dark Knight Remix)
8.まだ見ぬ (Awful Things Remix)
9.Simple Get (Kingz Dead Remix)
10.いつか (Hookah Remix)
11.気楽に (Pull Up With Stick Remix)
12.別にいい (With Yo Bitch Remix)
13.地元が好き (Rolex Remix)
14.心臓発作 (Heart Attack Remix)
15.Top Top Top (Trap Trap Trap Remix)
16.Crank Coke (Crank That Remix)
17.あの場所へ行こう (What They Want Remix)
18.Black World (Free Style)
19.Best Friend (Best Friend Remix)
20.Yang Up (Gang Up Remix)
21.どうにかなるさ (Do What I Want Remix)
22.Life & Death (Romeo & Juliet Remix)

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